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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Verbatim Transcription Services

Complete and accurate transcriptions of one-to-one interviews, group discussions, meetings, consultations, testimonies. through our high quality and 100% reliable verbatim transcription services.

When every utterance has its value, go for our verbatim transcription services. Outsourcing Transcription Services has 17+ years of experience in delivering superior quality verbatim transcription services to a wide variety of global clientele.

The verbatim transcription projects we undertake cover a comprehensive range of requirements:

Verbatim Transcription Services
  • Legal interviews transcriptions
  • Crime scene investigations records transcriptions
  • Confessions and testimonies records transcriptions
  • Witness records transcriptions
  • Legal procedure records transcriptions
  • Patient records transcriptions
  • Medical discussions transcriptions
  • Key academic research interviews, conferences, meetings and group discussions
  • Significant research interviews of specialists
  • Recruitment interviews and group discussions
  • Teleconference meetings on major issues
  • Other important verbal records and speeches

Our company serves legal firms, legal research firms, universities, medical professionals, market research firms, survey and research organisations, international companies and agencies. We also offer our expert services to other large transcription services agencies.

When you associate with us, it is a certainty that you gain a range of advantages:

  • Services of experts
  • Access to effective technology resources ensuring speedier and efficient services delivery
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Maximum security
  • Reliability and accountability
  • Customised and highly flexible transcription services management
  • Total Quality
  • 24/7 customer support
  • And more

You can rest assured that not even a single 'uh', 'eh, ' u see', ' I mean' or even a stutter is missed. The entire verbal record with its 'minutest' utterance is transcribed by trained professionals and converted into complete and highly accurate textual records. Not only that, our teams can also format the transcribed files as per your preferences. Moreover, we deliver as you desire, -emails, FTP, secured connections, uploading on specific secure websites.

Additionally, you also get more options:

We offer you:
  • With All Verbatim textual records
  • This includes all verbatim, not eliminating a single word or utterance.
  • Improved Verbatim textual records
  • This type of verbatim service eliminates the unwanted utterances.
  • Proofread Verbatim textual records

This option involves not only elimination of futile utterances but a preliminary grammar check to help make the record more coherent without changing the meaning or style of communication. Try our services and benefit much more!

Contact us for better solutions! academic transcription projects.