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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Teleconference Transcription Services

As limitations of time and distance have become irrelevant with the development of transcription technologies, the concept of a global village has become a reality. With the best utilization of audio and/or video technology, a live interactive communication between people at two or more remote locations is possible. Connecting with a global network, teleconference transcription calls can be a vital link between individuals or groups for a wide range of official, educational, medical, business, organizational, or in-house communication purposes where a virtual conference takes place.

From demonstration of a latest finding in clinical transcription field attended by experts of medical transcription in different countries, to a routine in-house weekly review meeting involving multiple units of a corporate company, there are infinite instances for application of teleconference transcription technology in the modern world.

A word-by-word recording and documentation of the entire proceedings of the teleconference transcription that may last for hours, is a crucial as well as meticulous task. Outsourcing transcription services is a viable solution to get the mission that requires extreme precision, analytical skills, and attention to detail, done.

Outsourcing Transcription Services is a company experienced with teleconference transcription, serving a wide range of clients over the years. We offer cost effective and professional teleconference transcription services at a fast turn around time.

We can provide Teleconference Transcription for a wide variety of purposes such as the following:

Teleconference Transcription Services
  • Corporate meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Consultants
  • Financial analysis
  • Life coaching
  • Investor relationship meeting
  • In-house meetings
  • Product launch
  • Announcements
  • Annual meet
  • Incentive meet
  • Interaction with the client
  • Demonstration of Medical findings
  • Introduction of new recruits

Investing in transcription services will prove to be a wise decision for any client because we have the technology as well as human resources that suit all your teleconference transcription requirements.

The core ingredient in our teleconference transcription department is an excellent team of transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors. Their command over the English language and scientific/technical terms, tenacity in looking up quasi-famous names that the client might have missed, ability to understand foreign accents, and the accuracy level of transcripts are superior. Their comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word have reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.

Our workforce consists of only transcriptionists with excellent typing skills (speed and accuracy), time management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, knowledge of the transcription company, people skills, excellent verbal and writing skills, and familiar with the software and internet usage. What makes us different from our competitors is an excellent sense about where that fine line is between making the transcript true to the conversation and making it cumbersome. The prices we charge are inclusive of proofreading also, which eliminates 90% of inaudible and misunderstood words.

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