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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Sermons Transcription Services

Spread the message of God to millions who are unable to attend church services through high quality sermons transcription services. Outsourcing Transcription Services Work, illness and many other unavoidable circumstances make it difficult for the individuals of the fast moving, highly stressed and competitive world to attend church services. Make sermons easily accessible and readable to interested individuals anywhere in the world.

Leading Sermons Transcription Services is a fast growing Outsourcing Transcription Services Company

Through our sermons transcription services, sermons can easily be a part of desktops and personal notebooks, Blackberrys, mobile phones, ipods and other personalised, computerised electronic devices.

We help you reach across to a very wide worldwide audience. Our teams convert sermon records into accurate transcriptions. This means your sermons can be available not only as audio records but also as text records that can be easily searched and accessed through search engines, easily read, printed, reviewed and reread.

The magic of technology can be exploited to the fullest to spread spiritual messages and enhance individual lives.

Why outsource to us?

  • Specialised experience leading to expertise:
    We have specialised teams dedicated to transcribing sermons. Our experience spans more than 17 years. The team members are capable of understanding and correctly typing Biblical expressions, phrases and terminologies through their familiarity of Christian religious texts.
  • High Value of sermons transcriptions:
    When devoted and sincere professionals become sermons transcription specialists, the quality of work is guaranteed to be excellent. Our team has served hundreds of sermons transcription seekers and maintained long-term mutually-appreciable relationships.
  • Access to effective technology resources:
    We believe that the key objective of technology is to serve mankind through building and maintaining better relationships even when distances cannot be avoided. Our sermon transcription team members have access to resourceful technology tools that help them serve you efficiently and speedily.
  • Security of services assured:
    Our services centres have efficient security policies, measures, strategies and techniques in place so that the security of your information is always ensured.
  • Integrity and Total Quality guaranteed:
    Each team has quality supervisors that verify in detail each transcription, and ensure that each file is an accurate and complete text record of your sermon record.
  • Online transcriptions within 24 hours:
    It is possible to get your sermon transcriptions as fast as you wish through our special 24-hour turnaround service.
  • Online e-books of sermon records:

Our teams can help you prepare sermon e-books for millions to read and rediscover themselves. There are several options, simple books, books with different formatting preferences or books with audio-visual records and scripts. Give us the opportunity of transcribing your sermons and let us serve you to your maximum satisfaction.

Contact us for sermons transcription services.