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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Music Transcription Services

We at Outsourcing Transcription Services create quality music transcriptions and we are able to make quality sheet music from any audio source. We offer a wide range of cost-effective music transcription services around the world. Translations are also made to make it easy for musicians or artists to do live performances. We can quickly transcribe the music with high precision. Moderated scores about specific midi files ought to be documented for recording purposes. The transcription can be then converted into a pdf file that can be read on any platform.

"We listen to your music and provide comprehensive notation in any format you prefer, note for note. We accept music recordings in almost all audio formats (such as MP3, WMA or WAV)."

We try to create quality, accurate music transcriptions within a short period of time. The service includes:

Music Transcription Services
  • Songs transcription
  • Typesetting all the handwritten songs
  • Score preparation
  • Arrangements
  • Songwriting assistance
  • Music analysis

We have a wide range of experience providing customers with high quality custom sheet music. Regardless of whether it is your original compositions or sheet music we are able to locate for a specific recording, a professional grade product will be created for you by our highly trained music transcription specialists.

Some of Below Music Transcription Services deliver by us:

For that it requires a lot of practice, persistence, and patience and all these. Skills that you're looking to acquire are available in our services. The music transcription services are done with extreme care with specific formatting guidelines.

Thus For a better performance one can get an incomparable quality of engagement from our firm than major transcription houses. We help our customers to conduct various music sessions with professional recording and transcription. The unique qualities of our firm are: frequency of time coding, audio time code style, subjective time stamping etc.

Our pricing and turnaround Time advantages are appreciated by all of our customers. Our pricing method is one of the best in the industry. The price of a transcription may vary depending on the complexity, the length and the quality of the recording. So because of our expertise in music transcription services our satisfied customers can easily vouch on our services.

For better solutions outsource music transcription projects to us.