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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Investigation Transcription Services

Outsourcing Transcription Services is an established global services provider with 17+ years of specialised experience in transcription services. A client network spread across 50+ countries, increasing long-term business associations and increasing production capacities attest to the fact that our services are competent, reliable and of unquestionable quality.

Comprehensive and competent investigation transcription solutions at lesser time and reduced costs

  • Only the experts can guarantee expert services delivery
  • Only the established and efficient can ensure cost efficiency with performance efficiency
  • Only the responsible can assure total reliability

Our company is an outsourcing partner for numerous investigation agencies, legal research firms, law firms, and even other big transcription agencies. Our teams have worked on a wide variety of investigation transcription projects, working for diverse clients from different countries.

We cover all that is general plus any other investigation transcription demands that you might have. This includes:

Investigation Transcription Services
  • Testimonies transcriptions
  • Interrogation records transcriptions
  • Accidents investigation records transcriptions
  • Witness interview records transcriptions
  • Criminal investigation records transcriptions
  • Focus Group Investigation discussion records transcriptions
  • Forensic investigation records transcriptions
  • Hearing records transcriptions
  • Research and Investigation interviews records transcriptions
  • Teleconference investigation records transcriptions

Get more at lesser costs through our investigation transcription services!

As our clients, you never have to worry about the quality of transcriptions. Ensuring quality and consistency of quality is both a passion and a determination for our management. There exists an intelligent and extensive quality control system in place to make sure that each output sent is both highly precise and complete. This includes a three step process, the first a detailed quality check. If accuracy level is less than 95%, the file is rejected. Files conforming to quality specifications are sent for corrections, if any and for a quality recheck. The second step is quality audit, which is followed by a final review by the project manager.

Outsource to us for increased benefits at the most reasonable costs:

  • Conformance to international quality standards
  • Smart and effective transcription software and tools
  • Absolute security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Total quality solutions
  • Customised services management
  • Speedier services delivery

With services centres well equipped with advanced technology resources, speedier services management is easily achieved. We continually improve on our processes and technical strengths to deliver only the best quality and efficient investigation transcription services.

Contact us for our investigation transcription services.