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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Insurance Billing Transcription Services

Outsourcing Transcription Services extends our professional expertise and years of experience to global clients who require insurance and billing transcription services. We serve clients irrespective of their size and area of specialization.

The mission of outsourcing transcription services is to provide its esteemed clients professional service through commitment to customer satisfaction, confidentiality, and time- efficient and cost-effective strategies.

"We guarantee our clients the quality they deserve, comprehension of the subject matter, and confidentiality of the insurance transcripts. We undertake various (micro and standard), CDs, and digital files. Our pricing varies depending on same day, rush, and non-rush turnaround timings. We can deliver the transcripts through e-mail as an attachment or on CD or diskette.

Our transcription services are available for a variety of insurance and billing related functions such as:

Billing Outsourcing Transcription Services
  • Insurance transcription
  • Investigation reports
  • Captioned reports
  • Recorded statements
  • Recorded interviews
  • Property, casualty, and liability reports
  • General correspondence
  • Fire and police reports
  • Medical reports
  • Summary reports
  • Telephone conversations
  • File reviews

Our transcription services is an affordable insurance billing transcription services that meets the clients' critical deadlines consistently without compromising on quality.

We manage an efficient and highly productive workflow by leveraging the latest in digital technology, and an experienced and professional human resource. Insurance dictation and/or recording is supported by qualified medical transcriptionists. The transcribed report is quality assured by the proofreaders and the editors. Transcripts are typed on MS Word documents. Mainly three Insurance Transcription styles are offered: Verbatim, Modified Verbatim, and Professional. In Verbatim, all the ums, ahs, uhs, and s- s- stutters are transcribed. For Modified Verbatim style, the content of the subject matter remains the same, but we "clean up" the ums, ahs, and uhs for the "interviewer". If you prefer a professional insurance transcription style, all grammar and sentence structure is 'cleaned up' to provide a fully professional document.

We cater a wide range of customers belonging to the following categories:

  • Claims adjusters
  • Third party administrators
  • Independent agencies
  • Insurance agents
  • Insurance com
  • panies

Our dedicated team handling insurance billing transcription consists of transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors with excellent typing skills (speed and accuracy), time management skills, knowledge of the transcription field, excellent verbal and writing skills, and familiar with the software and internet usage. Their command over the English language and scientific/technical terms, tenacity in looking up quasi-famous names that the client might have missed, ability to understand foreign accents, and the accuracy level of transcripts are superior. Their comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word have reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels. What makes us different from our competitors is an excellent sense about where that fine line is between making the transcript true to the conversation and making it cumbersome.

To know more about our insurance billing transcription services please contact us.