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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

How it works - Outsourcing Transcription Services

Audio transcriptions are a growing need for clients all over the world. Outsourcing transcription services offer the advantage of single-source support that covers a wide range of transcription Services such as medical transcription, legal transcription, business transcription, media transcription, financial transcription, digital transcription, teleconference transcription, tape transcription, voice transcription, insurance and billing transcription and forensic transcription.

At outsourcing transcription services analogue files received from clients are converted to digital format. In the next step the digital files are encrypted using the latest encryption technology and are uploaded to a secure server which is accessible by our transcription services centre through a secure VPN connection. The digital files are then downloaded in our transcription facility, and are maintained and handled in compliance with the best practices of a secured computing facility.

The final out put of the transcribed files can be provided in a wide variety of formats such as HTML, FrameMaker, XML, PDF, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PageMaker, Excel, Word and QuarkXpress. We ensure foolproof security and confidentiality for the data and information provided to us through stringent privacy policy implementations that conform to international standards.

Continuous investment in cutting edge technologies enable us to accept a wide range of audio formats including wav, mp3, dct (encrypted dictation), ra and rm (RealAudio), sri (VoiceIt), dss (Olympus, Lanier and Grundig), au, aif, msv, dvf, mp2, vox, compressed wav (including PCM, uLaw, ALaw, ADPCM, CELP, SBC, Windows Media, DSP TrueSpeech, GSM 6.10), Philips Digital Recorder format and Sanyo Digital Recorder format for transcription.

Outsourcing transcription services convert audio files into verbatim transcripts for organizations ranging from medical and insurance to airlines and automobiles. If you are interested in finding more information to outsource your transcription projects, you may Contact us . We respond to all requests, and any information you share with us will be confidential.