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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Focus Groups Transcription Services

Increase the efficiency of your group discussions and brainstorming through our precise and efficient focus group transcriptions services. Group discussions give better and fruitful results if instead of getting points noted down manually, there are accurate transcribed copies of the discussions in convenient formats. Outsourcing of focus group transcription services certainly eases secretarial workload and improves performance. Transcription demands of focus group discussions are rising continually and so are services providers. For quality transcription services, contact the experts.

"You can trust us to understand the varied complexities, typical or atypical to group discussions transcriptions needs. Good technology tools and intelligent services personnel combine to deliver precise and complete transcriptions avoiding overlaps, identifying correctly speech trails, and generating error-free transcribed records in data formats preferred by clients. "

Following are Our Focus Groups Transcription Services:

Focus Groups Transcription

If you are seeking a qualified transcription services provider, it does make good sense to rely on established companies with specialised experience in this domain. Outsourcing Transcription Services are an established global services provider with experienced specialised teams delivering greater quality focus group discussions transcription services.

What are your requirements?

  • Would you prefer to keep precise and quality-
  • Digital copies of important sales or marketing discussions
  • Records of significant financial brainstorming
  • Transcribed textual records of key legal meetings
  • Textual records of crucial medical discussions
  • Computerised records of focal technical talks
  • Transcribed files of strategic business decisions
  • Digital transcriptions of key scholarly talks (literature, life sciences, social sciences.)
  • Round table discussions on major issues
  • Teleconferences
  • Board Meetings / Committee meetings
  • Interviews (recruitment, research, others)
  • Any other important business / professional / academic group discussions

Our company has expertise in meeting the above requirements! Our teams are highly trained, have 10 years of group discussions transcription projects experience, and our offices have strong infrastructure base to manage a comprehensive range of focus group transcription projects.

Advantages Of Foucus Gruops Transcription:

  • Services from highly trained personnel
  • Access to latest technology tools allowing higher precision in voice identification
  • Use of smart transcription software leading to faster services delivery
  • Flexible and customised transcription solutions
  • Highly secure transcription services management
  • Cost effective

Outsource your focus group transcription services requirements and get best services.