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Outsourcing Transcription Services
Outsourcing Transcription Services

Digital Transcription Services

In this digital age, when the more traditional methods of tape and telephone is replaced by digital transcription technology, Outsourcing Transcription Services is well positioned to cater to the needs of global clients by taking advantage of the benefits of today's digital transcription services and the internet.

Digital Transcription Services digital dictation and digital recordings

With the development of digital recording, your digital sound files can now be outsourced quickly and easily for audio transcription services, thus saving you valuable time and money. Possessing years of experience serving a wide range of clients and their digital transcription services requirements, Outsourcing transcription services can assure improved efficiency and high quality documents for affordable rates.

"Familiarity with the western culture and its established customs, peeves, and passions makes our work easy and enjoyable."

Whether your requirement is medical, financial, media, or legal, with the click of the mouse you can send your digital sound files for digital transcription services at any time, and we will confidentially deal with all your needs within the specified deadline.

Advantages of Digital Transcription Services :

The use of digital technology represents clear, economical advantages over other traditional methods of digital transcription services. The retention of fidelity allows accuracy in transcription. A digital file can be copied an unlimited number of times without "generational" loss which enhances your ability to transfer, share, and process sound files with consistent quality and results. The great advantage of digital transcription service is the ability to transfer digital files on the internet; it dramatically reduces the overhead in pick up and delivery of tapes.

General transcription services has an excellent team of digital transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors. Their command over the English language and scientific/technical terms, tenacity in looking up quasi-famous names that the client might have missed, ability to understand foreign accents, and the accuracy level of transcripts are superior. Their comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word have reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.

Our workforce consists of only transcriptionists with excellent typing skills (speed and accuracy), time management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, and knowledge of the transcription services.

We provide audio transcription services from digital sound files in voice formats such as WAV, .DSS, and MP3. If you have come up with a new format that our software does not recognize, we can download a player and convert your file to a compatible format. Digital sound files may be delivered to us in the form of CD, DVD, email attachment, and FTP. We can also download from your files already existing on the web.

The mission of outsourcing transcription services is to provide its esteemed clients professional service assuring excellence through commitment to customer satisfaction, confidentiality, and time- efficient and cost-effective strategies.

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